Namaste and Welcome to Bhavana

Bhavana is about cultivation of the Heart Mind, a process of spiritual cultivation. And that’s the guiding principle of our online store for yogis and seekers of all types.

We’ll be selling sattvic incese from one of the few remaining traditional dhoop manufacturers in Bangalore. Yoga mats woven by the prisoners of Mysore jail. We’ll have Ayurvedic remedies from one of the top practitioners in Mumbai, who is both a yogi and and astrologer. And we’ll have a few more Westernised additions to our online shop, added because we believe in them and love them and hence we want to share their potency with you.

This site is dedicated to our root guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to whom we owe so much.

He was a wonderful spiritual pioneer who introduced us to the ways to open the third eye. And also to many ways we can take care of God’s vessel on earth, this human body. One of those is to ingest a daily dose of a fantastic green superfood, fermented chlorella by Phytality.

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For now we’re still getting things up and running. But we’ve love it you support Sukdhev’s other two sites Plankton for Health and Nano Minerals.